Mandala from Millan


I love mandalas!  Love the colors. Love the designs.

There is a spiritual aspect to mandalas that draws me to them. Perhaps it is the repeating design in a never ending circle. Or, the way one’s eye is drawn from the center outward to the edges and beyond. They are labyrinths of yarn that encourage visual meditation.

I have collected more mandala patterns than I could possibly ever make and must have a dozen books of designs and crochet instructions to make mandalas of all sizes. Even when planning a new project, I am often drawn to patterns begin with a circle.  Today,  I again saw this pattern, and being very happy to see it now in English, I thought to share it here.  No doubt this will be on my hook very soon.

Enjoy and Happy Crafting –

Winter Mandala

Photo from Crochet Millan

via Winter Mandala / English Pattern


Barbara’s Art Quilts



Barbara’s Art Quilts was recently featured on; a site that recognizes the work of artists local to the Chesapeake Bay area.


I have been fortunate enough to take several classes that were taught by Barbara Dahlberg, including the leaf bowl project which I featured in an earlier post. I am looking forward to taking more classes and expanding my quilting skills and techniques. Lately, there have been lots of ideas rolling around in my head (now to find the time to execute them all – LOL!). There is no doubt that many of these ideas were inspired by the classes I have taken. To me, there is nothing better then to be able to work with your art medium with other artists and share and collaborate on pieces. What a great way to be inspired by others and to stretch your boundaries!

Take a moment out of your busy day – – especially during this Holiday Season – – and click on the link below to read the article about Barbara’s art works.

Barbara’s Art Quilts.