A Yarn and Some Yarn



Okay, it’s not really a yarn, as in a tall tale, but I could not resist the play on words!

The other day I posted a long overdue update and included some information about Ficstitches Yarn Club.  To give you a better feel of the projects, here are some snaps of a few of the projects that I have made.





I have participated since almost the beginning and love the stories and projects provided in each quarterly kit.  I missed the first few kits, but was able to buy books I missed on Amazon.   The Secret Stitch: Unraveling, Book One contains the first three books offered through the club and The Sojourn Stitch: Unraveling, Book Two contains the next two club books.

Crochet patterns inspired by the stories and designed by Laurinda Reddig are provided in each kit.  If you missed any of Ficstitches Yarn Club quarterly mailings, designs from past kits are available for individual purchase on Ravelry.  You can find these patterns and more at Laurinda’s Ravelry store ReCrochetions.

I always feel a little sad when finishing one book, but eagerly await the next in this fascinating series.

Until next time –



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