Honoring Our Veterans


I am thankful for all the women and men who have served our country.  Many gave their lives to protect ours, others continue to place their lives in danger so we remain free and safe.

If you serve or have served our country, I honor you today and every day. The sight of our country’s flag and the playing of The Star Spangled Banner inspires me. The sound of a bugler playing taps brings tears to my eyes, as it reminds me of all who have fallen.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.




Falling Leaves


Brilliant reds, vibrant yellows, glorious shades of orange all interspersed with some remaining greens. Who doesn’t love the crisp, cool fall weather that brings this change of palette to nature?

I have an affinity for leaves and leaf designs and was quite excited when my local quilt shop offered a class to make a fabric bowl shaped like a leaf. This type of project has been on my mental “to do” list for a number of years. My sister and I both took the class today and had lots of fun sewing, laughing and just spending time together. In fact, we’re planning on attending another class next weekend!

In making the bowl, I used two different batik fat quarters that I had at home and purchased a complementary thread to use with a satin stitch top stitching technique. Already I am imagining different leaf shapes, such as a ginkgo, for using with this process.



This is the finished product, but look for some in-the-works photos for a different leaf bowl. I’m looking forward to making and sharing more fabric bowls.

Happy crafting, happy life!