Mittens and a Scarf


Blue Mittens 12-13Started these crochet mittens (sized for a tween girl) on Sunday and am now adding the thumbs.  I modified the pattern as I went to eliminate some holes and create a better fabric.  Should be able to finish tonight and am thinking about trying a knitted mitten pattern or a fingerless one. The scarf photo is one I recently finished for a friend. Because I give away most of everything I make, I try to take pictures of all my projects – – but sometimes I forget.

Lacy Knit Scarf 12-13

Yesterday I tried something new – – at least for me.  I bought some cotton crochet thread and made two snowflakes. The first result came out too small, so I used a larger hook, but the snowflake is still smaller than the patterns.  I have 100 different snowflake patterns to try and am sure that my results will improve as I continue. Here are the unblocked results.

Snowflakes #1


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