Snowy Weather


I love when snow falls and blankets the ground.  The quiet winter wonderland looks both peaceful and magical. As long as I’m dressed warmly, there is nothing better than a walk in the snow. Inside it is a perfect day to bake and craft to my heart’s content. With Janus, I got two days off to enjoy the weather outside, make some yummy, fudgy brownies, and spend some extra time with some of my yarn projects.

It has been a little while since I have posted anything. But, I finished the mittens I was working on for a young friend. I’ve lost one of my mittens (which I loved wearing). I think I will make a mismatched pair then, it won’t matter if I lose one again. I can just make another and have a new pair!

Multi-Color Lap Robe for Shawl Ministry

Lap robe pattern of K3, P3.

I FINALLY finished a lap robe I was working on (for my Church’s Shawl Ministry) since September. It took longer than normal because I set it aside and didn’t work on it regularly.  I have also finished a reversible shawlette that I started in the Summer of 2012.  It feels good to start the year off finishing up some projects that have been hanging around!

Reversible Shawlette

Ridgewood Reversible Shawlette shown unblocked. Pattern designed by Allyson Dykhuizen.

I started two new projects – – I grey lap robe for my husband.  I had started it previously on straight needles, but it was too difficult to knit properly and I was making errors in the pattern.  So, I frogged it and finally got around to getting the proper size circular needles.  I’ve made good progress on it and am about 1/4 of the way finished.

Grey Lap Robe

Pattern is Rhythm in Blue from “The Little Box of Knitted Throws”

My second new project is a multi-color cowl using Red Heart Boutique Magical yarn.  I really love the different colors and textures in this yarn.  I will probably finish this project tonight.

Infinite Beauty Cowl (Purple)

Infinite Beauty Cowl. Pattern number LW2598 from

I’m still working on my felted purses. One is now felted to a size that I like, but I want to re-felt the basket pattern tote so that it is a bit smaller.  Then, I will sew the linings for them.  I found some good videos on You Tube for sewing a lining with a zippered pocket.

I now need to put down my yarn and get to work on some other items around the house. How nice it would be to have a self-cleaning house :-)!

Mittens and a Scarf


Blue Mittens 12-13Started these crochet mittens (sized for a tween girl) on Sunday and am now adding the thumbs.  I modified the pattern as I went to eliminate some holes and create a better fabric.  Should be able to finish tonight and am thinking about trying a knitted mitten pattern or a fingerless one. The scarf photo is one I recently finished for a friend. Because I give away most of everything I make, I try to take pictures of all my projects – – but sometimes I forget.

Lacy Knit Scarf 12-13

Yesterday I tried something new – – at least for me.  I bought some cotton crochet thread and made two snowflakes. The first result came out too small, so I used a larger hook, but the snowflake is still smaller than the patterns.  I have 100 different snowflake patterns to try and am sure that my results will improve as I continue. Here are the unblocked results.

Snowflakes #1