Just finished knitting a scarf for a co-worker this evening. I’ll post a picture tomorrow.  There is quite a feeling of accomplishment when you cast off that last stitch and then weave in the ends (not a favorite task of mine).  Getting ready to start a pair of children’s mittens.  I really like these quick projects, but I also need to get back to finishing some larger and more difficult projects that are not quite done.

Today, I received a DVD of the Christmas Cantata that our church’s choir performed. I haven’t yet taken the time to view it, but it will be nice to hear what we sounded like.


“The inner fire…


“The inner fire is the most important thing mankind possesses.”
― Edith Södergran

My Very First Blog Post


It’s Christmas break, which means I have lots of time to create with knitting, crocheting, and cooking. Started a lacy scarf this morning for a friend and then went looking for a pattern to make a tea cozy. Found quite a few on-line at and Now for the harder part, deciding which one to do first (since I’ll probably want to make more than one!) and picking out yarn from my stash.

Made homemade cinnamon rolls (for the first time) yesterday. Since it was my first time, I followed the recipe verbatim, now I’ll get creative and make it my own! I think I’ll make another batch tonight to give to my sister and her husband.